What We Offer

Goal Setting

Goal setting underpins our advice strategies which aids us in providing individually crafted advice. We are committed to ensuring our advice is tailored to meet these unique needs. Before we commence on a path it is important that we properly understand your goals and aspirations. Once we have identified short medium and long term goals it allows us to plot a path for you with the aim of balancing the need to achieve goals along the journey as well as ensuring financial security for the future.

Investment Advice

We place significant emphasis on tailoring the investment portfolio for the individual client according to appropriate Strategies. Like most financial planning firms we commence with a risk profile which drives the broad asset allocation of the portfolio. We focus on minimising costs, finding the best funds to achieve tax effective portfolios, minimise risk at a number of levels and regularly review the results.


Superannuation is a complex area and the rules are continually changing. Almost all Australian’s have a Superannuation account due to legislative requirements however few understand all the opportunities that a well managed Superannuation account can bring.

For those aged over 55, superannuation strategies can often save an investor thousands of dollars of taxation without impacting on their available cash flow. Even for those who are younger, strategies such as co-contributions, spouse contributions, personal deductible contributions and salary sacrifice to name but a few, can significantly improve your financial situation.

Retirement Planning

At Wickham Financial Solutions Planning is about helping people achieve the life style goals and objectives that are important to them. How we can help is providing advice on retirement capital needs, investment structures and the impact of various commencement dates.

Risk Management

Life insurance helps ensure your debts and dependants are taken care of in the event of your death. Also cover is available for illness or sickness, permanent disability and major traumas. With a range of options available we can tailor cover for you which will provide for your peace of mind.

Did you know?

83% of people insure their cars and only 31% insure their income.1

Your ability to earn an income is so much more valuable to you and your family than a car! If you earn $60,000 a year today, it’s worth more than $2.2 million over the next twenty years. Make sure it’s covered, so you can seize life’s possibilities today!

1Source: http://www.lifewise.org.au

Estate Planning

People who die without a Will (intestate) are leaving significant work, complications and costs to their family and friends.

Without a Will you have no control over who will receive any property, money and personal items as the Intestacy provisions stipulate how your estate will be distributed. Many people do not realise that a surviving spouse does not automatically receive all of a deceased husband or wife’s estate. Therefore the death of a partner or spouse may lead to significant financial hardship and the people you may want to benefit from your property and affairs may not do so.

At Wickham Financial Solutions we will provide you with strategies for your legal representative to cover in the preparation of your Will and Power of Attorney.

Aged Care

If you can no longer live independently moving into a residential aged care complex can be an option to consider. For many moving to an aged care complex can be a daunting experience as there are so matters to consider.

We can help you:

  • evaluate the care centre’s fees and charges
  • maximise Centrelink benefits
  • structuring your assets and retirement income to cover you for the long term

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